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At our reviews centre you can read unbiased reviews about local firms to help you make better choice. If you are already a client, share your positive or negative expirience with others by writing an independent review about your property manager on our board.

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Whatever you do, don't use these guys. Very friendly until you've signed the contract, then the nightmare starts. I've vacated my property 6 weeks ago after a 2 year lease. I am still waiting for my deposit as they are now claiming that natural wear and tear are must be repaired out of my

I have been a landlord for quite a few years now and have engaged a number of agents over the years. The service levels at Virtue Property are a breath of fresh air with helpful staff that care and do what they say they are going to do. I moved agents in the hope of finding a local professional

I fully agree with the "worst property management company ever" review below. They simply don't care about their tenants. I myself had numerous repair issues which took months to get done if they got done at all. On moving in there were many problems from faulty appliances/fittings to dirty

The comments left by the other reviewer are accurate. I experienced the same problems and got a very poor service from this company. They were very unhelpful with pretty much everything and wouldn't do any repairs or fix things saying that it was the "landlord's responsibility". I would strongly

The personnel has absolutely no customer focus at all, unable or unwilling to communicate in a business manner. Rude and 'off-hand' approach to me as a landlord. I received exceedingly poor service from them. When I spoke to them (including floor personnel, supervisors and the various managers)

This company is not proactive at all in dealing with housing or tenant issues. As a landlord - they have let my properties run to the ground, even though they promise annual inspections. They charge an arm and a leg to do any building maintenance and seem reluctant to claim anything on insurance

I’m on the phone weekly to report problems with our house, well rather re-report them, as no one there seems to be capable of getting anything sorted! They clearly want as little to do with ‘managing’ as possible and I am really not sure why anyone would trust them with their property. Although